We Believe

The social conversation is a city of a million stories -- all ready for brands to mine, understand and leverage.

In social media, brands don't talk, people talk. Brands can facilitate, organize and inspire.

We believe in becoming extraordinary partners to our clients. Nothing is impossible with the right attitude, skills and resources.

  • Social is an evolution of human communication. And the rules of good human communication apply, but at a scale. Successful social agencies need to be designed around how humans actually communicate, and not force humans to communicate through stilted and antiquated agency models
  • Social media requires a mashup of capabilities: PR, marketing, media, advertising, narrative, linguistics, cultural anthropology, technology, change management, data management, analytics and more. Converseon is a center of gravity for these capabilities.
  • Social is organizational. It may start in marketing and communications, but its value extends across the organization into customer service, R&D, compliance, risk management, HR, legal and beyond.
  • Effective social engagement requires that a brand give something of value to the community. "Ask not what the community can do for you, but what you can do for the community." Establishing social purpose is essential to inspiring people into action. It's not just about campaigns anymore. It's about narrative, purpose and meaning.
  • Social monitoring – the real time capture of conversations – is a powerful tool for PR and customer service; however, deeply intelligent data – or mined data – is essential for other business uses that require deeper insight. Converseon provides both.
  • Social listening and insights, without a corresponding agility to move rapidly on the insights and intelligence is a waste of time. We call this social media paralysis and we have the cure. The conversation is real time and a rapidly moveable feast.
  • To be successful in social requires organizations becoming social businesses. While campaigns can be powerful sustained success will come from an inside-out approach.
  • Social businesses make better corporate citizens, better products, increase shareholder value, better retain and attract core talent, are better collaborators/partners, and are more nimble and agile to meet market opportunities.
  • A social business is also a media company. Content is the food of social media and the social conversation. Brands need to engage.
  • We believe in the diversity of ideas, cultures and language. Social media is a global conversation and we welcome and embrace all points of view. Converseon has native language speakers in more than 12 languages.
  • Social media provides significant ROI. The current common approach to only analyzing “last click” shortchanges its impact. We have seen clients that have had customers convert at 63% higher level after visiting a client blog. Attribution modeling and new technologies will increasingly shed the light on social's profound value.
  • Only the highest ethics need apply in social media. Bad behavior will be discovered. Converseon is proud to be on the ethics committee of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and a member of the CASRO subcommittee that has defined social media research ethics.