For several years now, the analysis by Forrester Research has been required reading for those trying to better understand social media and social listening/intelligence  — and separate what’s real, and what’s hype.  It has become an important guidebook for brands helping to choose the right solution to meet their needs.

In 2010, Converseon was named category leader in the Forrester Wave Q2 2010 in part because of its data quality.

In 2012, we were named strong performer, specifically citing our social research strength.

Just this past week, the latest report was launched with much acclaim.  The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Listening Platforms Q1 2014 evaluated offerings from the 11 providers that they determined “matter most” in the category and scored them according to a variety of criteria, including data sources, data processing, dashboard functionality, consulting and analysis services, and integration capabilities.

We were very pleased that Converseon was named a Strong Performer and received the highest scores in the evaluation for its data processing, including sentiment analysis (tied), as well as its consulting and analysis services, which received the highest score possible (5 out of a possible 5 points).

We are especially gratified that the areas where we received the highest scores – data processing and consulting and analysis services – are the two pillars that we believe are most essential to take enterprise social listening and intelligence to the next level.  Highly-precise, relevant, reliable and actionable data, together with effective consulting services, are critical prerequisites for achieving even greater enterprise adoption and deeper integration into marketing and organizational operations.  These are areas where we feel we clearly shined through.

What Forrester emphasized – and what we’ve been focusing on — is something quite important:   Converseon is focused on taking social intelligence to the next level for existing and new client programs. Where once we only provided consulting on top of our own platforms, we recognized that many brands already had a a social monitoring platform and were understandably reluctant to rip it out and start again, even if the data wasn’t very effective or the platform didn’t meet all the needs of the organization.

Enter Converseon’s new solution set.  Our ConveyAPI technology can work in conjunction with many third party tools to make that data more precise, meaningful, flexible and relevant.    It includes emotion, custom classifier creation, and much, much more.

As the Forrester Report states, “(Converseon) also has productized its text analysis tool, Convey, for use on any source of unstructured text.   This is a fit for buyers who want to add on Convey as an enhancement to their current platform provider.”

Converseon’s data processing is powered by its award-winning ConveyAPI™ technology (also offered via API through our newly-formed subsidiary, Revealed Context) which leverages machine learning together with advanced bespoke and custom natural language processing (“NLP”) to not only provide the industry’s highest precision, but also the greatest flexibility.  It not only “tunes” to specific domains and industries, it allows for the rapid creation of a new and meaningful custom classifiers that can help glean unprecedented insights from social data.

But more advanced data often requires consulting services to help drive adoption and integration.   Converseon’s Consulting offerings are designed to help infuse listening across organizations for multiple use cases and help large enterprises redesign business processes to make the intelligence actionable.  These also are now available in conjunction with our own, and third party solutions.  We simply want to make sure we get the right solutions for our clients and help them maximize the value and impact of the investments they have already made.

These offerings include Social Capability and Valuation Assessments, Employee Enablement Programs, Social Strategy Development and Execution services, among others.  Its award winning research services provide a wide range of standard and custom analysis solutions, including Landscape Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Brand Advocacy Analysis, Purchase Funnel and Customer Experience reporting, campaign effectiveness, among others.  Converseon research focuses on the integration of social data with other critical intelligence, such as web analytics, search, sales data and more for deeper and more meaningful insight.

As Forrester recognizes, social listening continues to evolve fast.  In our view, the next generation will be driven by much greater precision, customized to specific brands and their challenges, deeper integration into their company business operations and integration with other third party data (search, web analytics, sales, etc) and platforms/applications.  These are core to our strategy and pleased that we’ve been recognized again in such a important analysis.

The full report is available (free) here