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Conversational Marketing

Recap of the Federated Media’s conference discussing Conversational Marketing. This post discusses the various aspects of conversational marketing and how it stands to change the future of brand management.

Dark blogs: a bad idea for crisis communication

Shel Holtz on why “dark blogs” (ready to be activated during a crisis) are not such a good idea.

Semantic Web: Difficulties with the classical approach

This article considers why the semantic web has remained as an academic property instead of transforming the way we use the web and considers how the concept can be moved forward.

Unfamiliar with the semantic web?

“The semantic web is a vision pioneered by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, in which information is expressed in a language understood by computers. In essence, it is a layer on top of the current web that describes concepts and relationships, following strict rules of logic.

The purpose of the semantic web is to enable computers to “understand” semantics the way humans do. Equipped with this “understanding,” computers will theoretically be able solve problems that are out of reach today.”

Web 2.0: Big App on Campus

Universities are seeing Web 2.0 as a way to engage students and maybe even get them to choose one school over another. In theory, a social-networking environment will get students comfortable with a school well before they start and keep them engaged in their education, while the application of social media tools can extend their education.

50-Kanye Web Marketing

Did the Web Help Kanye Outsell 50 Cent? You have to love the online buzz (drama) around which rappers will outsell the other. When news got out that 50 Cent said he’d stop recording if Kanye West outsold him, fans took their love of music, not to the streets, but to the computer. (PS: Go Kanye)