The third Friday Link List touches on search, passionate consumers, social networks and music online.

‘Passionista’ Consumers Help Brands Harness Digital Media

For every one minute that a typical internet user spends online with content associated with a passionista’s passion, Passionistas spend six minutes with that content.

Passionistas will visit a website related to their passion three times more than the typical user.

Passionistas search online for information about their passion 184 percent more than typical users and conduct more than 100 related searches having to do with their passion per year.

From “To Do” to “Done” in One Search and Yahoo Makes the Assist, Web 2.0-ifies Results

Yahoo announce ‘Search Assist’ to integrate audio, video, photos, shortcuts, consumer reviews, and local information directly into the search results with a special emphasis on social media properties. The rise of social search is only going to expand the power of social media.

In Facebook, Investing in a Theory

This NY Times article looks at the flood of startups trying to capitalize on Facebook opening up its API. It’s also becoming de riguer for marketers to succumb to the lure of generating a Facebook App no matter what the situation. Are Facebook Apps the future? Or will they be seen as the moment when the site jumped the shark?

Radiohead’s bid to Revive Music Industry: Pay what you like to download albums

Hopefully for Radiohead the ‘passionistas’ referenced above have deep pockets to match their time investment.

Smaller Retailers Reliance on Search Engines

Smaller niche merchants in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide are more dependent on search engines to drive traffic and sales than their larger competitors, according to new data from web measurement company Hitwise Inc.

Social Networking Helps Drive Server Sales

Even though virtualization can make efficient use of servers, social-networking Web sites demand a lot of storage space.