The Unbiased Opinion is Trusted Around The Globe

eMarketer reports that more than three-quarters of consumers surveyed worldwide find that consumer opinions are the most effective form of advertising, according to a Nielsen study.

MySpace Platform to Launch Next Week

TechCrunch has the story that MySpace is planning to mimic Facebook by opening up their platform to outside developers. On top of rumours that Google is aiming to ‘out-Facebook’ Facebook by making themselves ‘100% open’.

Some of the smartest brands around are opening themselves up to passionate users – is this on the radar of your C-suite?

YouTube to Unleash Adsense Video Syndication

According to early reports from the Associated Press and Variety, Google is set to make a major announcement tomorrow concerning YouTube integration with AdSense. Selected YouTube videos will be available to AdSense publishers and will appear wrapped in banner ads.

 Virtual World Interoperability

A group of 23 companies and institutions has set out to search for ways to make content and identity transferable between virtual worlds.