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Converseon.AI was named finalist in two categories in the Quirk’s Excellence Awards: best new product (Conversus.AI) and best global market research program (with our partner Brandwatch and Uber). The former is Thea powerful MlaaS platform designed to transform unstructured social and VoC data into insight through AI-powered natural language processing model builds/deployments that can be built by general analysts. For those dealing with messy social data, this is the answer on how to make it “research grade.” The latter is important case study of how those sophisticated language models ) can effectively track brands globally and help reinvent brand tracking even for attribute tracking where the language is nuanced. As Quirk’s points out, “Marketing research sits at the center of the goal of integrating the customer’s voice into every aspect of an organization. Yet even as customer-centricity grows in importance as a business best practice, the marketing research and insights function still doesn’t get all the acclaim it deserves.” These solutions help recognize the innovation that is helping to transform the industry. Congrats to all finalists.!