Our CEO, Rob Key, will be speaking at TMRE 2017 this Tuesday at 2:45 on Reaching Towards the Singularity: How AI is Powering a New Generation of Predictive Insights Through Social Data

The session covers how the advent of new AI-powered social intelligence technologies is creating new breakthroughs for the use of this data in new and critical consumer insights areas, including brand tracking, market mixed modeling and audience analysis. Where once this data was relegated to simple reactive and descriptive qualitative use, more and more organizations are now utilizing for predictive and prescriptive use though advanced modeling. This session will review how this “next generation” of social listening is helping to marketing research for faster, deeper and more actionable insight.

Join Rob for his session Tuesday at 2:45 on Track 7, then come to Booth 521 in the hall to learn more about Converseon and our breakthrough Conversus and Convey.api technologies.