It’s been an exciting two weeks for Converseon. We’ve had the opportunity to speak at conferences, meet partners, and talk to major brands from Indonesia to Singapore to Copenhagen.

At the iBrand Summit, Asia, we met with a wide range of leading brands who are looking to get serious about social media, while speaking about the “Brutal Truth of Social Media.” There we met folks from Microsoft, Nokia APAC, Indonesian social properties, and more.

Then, just this week, we launched Converseon Nordics to expand our offerings in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland while keynoting the FDIH conference with the topic of Scaling Social Across the Enterprise.

Throughout it all, I was struck by how similar and substantial the conversations we had were, whether it was with Asian telecoms or Scandinavian insurance companies. Across all these markets there was a clear and evident thirst to strongly embrace frameworks that scale social across the enterprise to drive competitive advantage. The conversations were quite sophisticated; diving deep into issues like governance, and policies, infrastructure, advanced social intelligence and the best social strategic approaches across multiple use cases. It’s become quite clear, not only is social conversation a global phenomena with broad adoption, but following close behind is the desire for brands to “do it right,” from APAC to Europe, and a recognition that it takes some new thinking and capabilities to do so.

While the markets obviously differ in some ways – culturally, different platforms, varied states of economic development, etc. – the advanced social frameworks we have developed and shared with were strongly embraced. And perhaps not surprisingly; our social media approach is steeped in the evolution of human communication (which is evolving in similar ways everywhere), and our frameworks have proven flexible and adaptable to all types of enterprises no matter where they are in the social media maturity cycle.

Clearly, there is a strong movement afoot by brands around the world to move away from fringe experimentation of social to the serious enterprise adoption of social; and there is a clear recognition that the advanced frameworks and technologies that we helped pioneer in North America can be readily exported and adapted to new and emerging markets. It felt very welcoming. I’d like to thank everyone I met for the inspiring conversations and ideas during our around the world tour.

As a result of these global needs, Converseon will be accelerating its expansion to new markets. Converseon Nordics is just the first step in the EU. BRIC, APAC and more are on the agenda. We look forward to sharing news with you as we do so. After all, the social conversation is a global conversation.