Last week at the WOMMA conference, Converseon released a new white paper entitled “Listening 2.0:  Leveraging Social Intelligence to Meet Business Objectives.”    The report focuses on how basic monitoring services are giving way to deep level intelligence that can be infused across organizations to provide competitive advantage.  In short, the report, finds, social intelligence is growing up.
An excerpt:

As we enter 2011, social media is passing a tipping point in the enterprise. For many brands, social engagement is no longer seen as a set of small experiments on the fringe of the organization. They are becoming a core component of business strategy. As such, we are witnessing a rapid evolution from ad hoc and sponsored exploration to a desire for enterprise enablement, whereby social media and social intelligence become competitive advantage and help enables critical business performance.

For these organizations, they will need to address four important areas to help achieve business outcomes through social media:

  1. Determining how and where listening can significantly impact business outcomes and objectives.
  2. Understanding how to manage the vast rivers of data, find meaningful insights, and support business processes and use cases — for today and tomorrow.
  3. Determining what should be automated and the role that people need to play; and determining the balance of internal versus external resources and capabilities.
  4. Creating frameworks to infuse social intelligence into the far reaches of the organization and ensuring timely action with a systematic, best practice approach and measure impact.

The good news is that a new generation of listening solutions (Listening 2.0) are evolving to help meet these challenges and superseding the basic 1.0 monitoring solutions.  These new solutions are designed to provide deeper intelligence aligned with business goals.  They are designed to address the challenges above and help social media and social intelligence flourish across organizations.

This whitepaper aims to bring clarity and insight into the how leading brands address these key challenges to harness the value of Listening 2.0 as they evolve towards enterprise enablement.

A complimentary white paper is available here.   Happy reading.  We look forward to you sharing comments and thoughts as this conversation continues to grow and evolve.