After 30 years at IBM, what does a Distinguished Engineer, a pioneer in search and content technologies, an author of best selling internet marketing books with a penchant for self-deprecating humor, do for an encore? If you’re Mike Moran, you join a social media agency (in this case Converseon) as Chief Strategist.

In a very important announcement, Mike has agreed to come on board starting September 1, 2008 to help oversee continuing build out of our Conversation Mining technology working with our already stellar team and help expand our capabilities in providing enterprise level search and social media to some of the world’s leading brands.

An engineer at a social media marketing and communications agency? Mike and I have known each other for quite some time and the more we talked, the more we realized how his experience and vision of the world aligns with ours. It goes back to a theory I have that if you are indeed on the right path, serendipity is your friend. Adding Mike to the agency is an exclamation point to our “mashup” approach. The agency of the future, which we are helping to pioneer, is indeed a mashup and Mike will soon be rubbing his Distinguished Engineer elbows with PR/reputation management folks, creative types, computer scientists, direct marketers, Aussie bloggers, linguistic analyzers and at least one Romanian professorial type. Hopefully, our willingness to leap into the unknown and push the edges of communications, will serve as a fertile environment for Mike to help apply his experience and learnings into this social media realm. We expect a moment of culture shock in a transition from IBM to a (slightly) smaller Converseon, but with our newfangled coffee machine, we hope he’ll feel at home.

With all due apology to political punditry, it’s indeed our hope to have Converseon be a shining agency on the hill, a beacon to those from the seemingly very diverse, far reaches of agencies and companies who are really passionate about transforming communications and are looking for the right place to make it happen. In this particular case, we’re glad Mike and Converseon found each other and look forward to great things ahead.

Please join us in welcoming him on board.