Today, the Forrester Wave 2016 of Enterprise Listening Platforms was published and congrats to the leaders listed, including Brandwatch.

Since the last wave, we have evolved our model from being “listening platform specific” to become the “intelligence engine” for social insights in not just our own tool, but also within an increasing number of other leading  platforms and applications.  Our ConveyAPI semantic technology is a clear industry leader that utilizes a combination of techniques, including machine learning, to provide very high precision, relevancy and recall in the data, and allows for custom classifier creation.  It as named Dataweek’s Top Innovator in Social Data Mining is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for brands and applications looking for the next generation of rigorous and high quality social data.  It is now offered through our technology arm, Revealed Context.

We view our technology as the “brains’ of social intelligence and, in combination with our consulting/insights services, allows brands to fully leverage the value of social data for more sophisticated uses, including brand tracking, predictive analytics, market mixed modeling, advanced insights/research and more.  Along with its bundled “Conversus” application, brands can rapidly create their own custom classifies too that go far beyond what is available in traditional platforms, such as intent, emotion, advocacy, purchase journey, and more.

With our focus on the data layer, we are now less focused on applications and platforms.  Our technology can integrate with multiple different platforms.  We view many of of the social listening platforms now not as competitors, per se, but partners and customers. This allows us to choose the right platform/solution for our clients and using our semantic engines to produce highest impact/value.

Or, as we say, “we now start with traditional listening platforms stop.”  We are focused on becoming pervasive with our semantic technologies and not focused on specific listening platforms.  Already we are integrated into several top listening and social engagement platforms and that is expanding.

As we started down the process of the Wave evaluations, we recognized, along with Forrester, that given that our model had changed to incorporate other third party platforms and technologies, in combination with our own semantic engines, we did not fully fit into the latest criteria for the wave, which states, “in cases where vendors provide services to clients, they  must use their own technology for all these functions.”

Given our focus on integration of our core semantic technologies not just in our tools, but partnership with other select platforms and partners, we agreed with Forrester that our model, which focuses on interdependence and integration across platforms, does not fall into this criteria.  We also believe our flexibility to integrate is a critical capability for the marketplace — today and tomorrow – as clients look to integrate and align multiple systems and data structures.

Indeed, we believe the next step in social intelligence is based not on the application layer – but on the data layer.  This is the area of our focus as we head into our second decade of social consulting, listening and intelligence leadership.  Social intelligence must now be pervasive, and that requires ensuring the data layer cuts across all applications and organizational departments.   We are pleased our model is proving very successful as we work to help unlock the full value of social across the organization.  We look forward to helping to continue the industry to evolve and innovate and appreciate our clients who are also focused on evolving the maturity and impact of social in their organizations. The best is yet to come.