Pinterest Introduces Place Pins
In an effort to bridge between your on- and offline lives, Pinterest will now allow users and brands to add locations to their Pins and Boards. The new feature, called Places is available on the Board level for all new Boards and can also be added retroactively to existing Boards.

Some of the obvious use cases include travel agencies and websites, restaurant and hotel chains, as well as independents in these categories. A hotel could also create boards around some activities or places of interest around it to draw visitors to a lesser-known area or an organic food store could map out some of the locations it sources its produce from.

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LinkedIn Launches Showcase Pages for Brands
Showcase Pages allow companies to highlight the different divisions or aspects of their business to the audiences that may be interested in them. The new feature is easy to set up, free and is available within the next few days to all companies. Here is an example of the way Adobe utilized this feature.

In addition to Showcase Pages, a new recruitment tool has been developed called Talent Updates letting companies share status that are targeted to specific individuals to keep their business top-of-mind.

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Twitter Adds New Search Filters to its iOS and Android apps
Twitter is improving ways for its users to search for content on the platform. Soon we’ll be able to use filters to find people, tweets, news, and media on topics that interest us. Another function is the ability to only search tweets from the people you follow.

Tap “Trending” to see a list of trending hashtags and topics with the Promoted hashtags and tweets appearing at the top (in addition to these also appearing in Promoted). Combining the promoted trend and Promoted Tweet hashtag, Honda here was able to maximize its real estate.

Great for marketers to quickly find trending topics in real time and capitalize on the trends relevant to their brands. It’s important to remember Google’s Golden Mantra of user relevancy though and only connect your brand to stories and trends that are truly relevant to both your brand and your audience.

Twitter is also making it easier to discover trending topics by adding a trending timeline in the Discover section of the app. Here users would be able to see trending TV shows in the US and nearby events anywhere in the world.

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Tablets outperform Smartphones in Retail Spending
A new report released by BI Intelligence reveals interesting consumer shopping trends just in time for the holiday shopping rush. According to the report, smartphones are mainly used in the middle of a shopper’s journey while tablets are used through the process from the discovery stage all the way through to the final click. This way the insight can be used successfully by retailers is targeting consumers with different content based whether they are on a smartphone or a tablet. For example, a mobile phone user would be served an ad for a physical location of retail store or a product review article while a tablet user would be served a coupon for a product they had previously viewed (or were served an ad for) on a mobile phone.

The report also suggests that smartphone users may be receptive to interactive tablet ads. User experience continues to be the biggest hurdle to overcome as many consumers complain about sub par tablet shopping experiences. In order to capture these audiences, brands need to make their tablet sites easy and seamless.

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Appsfire Promises the End Of Banner Ads
The need for more engaging mobile ad units is not a novel idea – a number of companies are developing rich media and other alternative mobile ad formats – but the new release from Appsfire promises a simple toolkit for app developers aimed at improving downloads and post-download engagement, complete with in-app communication, feedback, and a hassle-free plug-and-play ad unit. No creative assets required, the ad pulls relevant info directly from App Store data and allows for background downloads to improve user experience.

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