We often say that we’re in a post marketing discipline definition world where the lines between direct marketing, advertising and PR have blurred. The new agency of the future is indeed a mashup that brings together the best of those disciplines, skills and people. Converseon has grown in part because of the alchemy that occurs when bringing together search, public relations, computer scientists, direct marketing experts, independent film makers, and more.

Finding the best and brightest from diverse areas has been a core focus of ours. While our team may come from far flung places, cultures and backgrounds, the one consistent and essential element we all share is passion.

At Converseon, we believe in the power of social media to bring people together, no matter where they are, through their passion. And in the world of social media, those with passion self-identify through engagement. They raise their hand through their actions and rise to the top. The proliferation of social media has changed the way we find and hire talent. And it’s one of the reasons we continue to bring in the best and the brightest.

In a world united by social media an organization can cast a much wider net in its search for the most talented employees. Every organization wants to work with highly skilled employees who are truly passionate about what they do. Social media allows you to find these passionate individuals, form a relationship and get to know them on a personal basis. The days of a quick scan of a resume and a brief job interview ahead of a hire are coming to an end. As such, I’m pleased to announce that Christin Eubanks has joined Converseon as an Account Executive.

Christin is one of those who have expressed their passion through social media (and it’s how we found her). She comes to us from Auburn University, Alabama, where she was one of the star students of their PR program, including the highly regarded social media class taught by Robert French. Christin visited our New York headquarters after we got to know her through her various online efforts. Her intelligence and passion for social media shine through online – and even more so in person.

Our team at Converseon is continually expanding and social media is leading us to passionate, talented people from completely disparate backgrounds. We’re lucky to have found a supremely talented group of people throughout the USA and the world. Christin is just the latest example of our own mission to assemble an innovative, flexible and highly skilled team sourced from the global conversation.