Some of you may already be familiar with our Second Chance Trees Project.

It’s been an amazingly interesting initiative that has let us experiment with new and innovative approaches. It’s also a good demonstration of the power of social media to do good. Utilizing Second Life as the center of gravity for the project, supported across other communities including Flickr, Digg, Newsvine, among others, shows how a meme truly interconnects across social media venues.

One of the more interesting outcomes though has come from Google.

When we talk about social search strategies, we advocate content optimization in various forms – text, audio and video – across different platforms. This is especially important in the wake of Google’s Universal Search initiative. We know that social media is becoming increasingly visible in top search rankings.

The Second Chance Trees project is an incredibly interesting case in point. To promote individuals to vote for the project in the American Express Members Project, we created a machinima video and uploaded it to YouTube only 4 days ago. The initiative has really taken a life of its own with many bloggers (thank you!) embracing the concept and linking to the video.

Today, the listing went from nowhere to number 2 for the “American Express Members Project” (out of more than 4 million indexed pages) in just four days, outranking even the Scorcese advertisement. If there is ever a need to demonstrate the power of social media to impact top rankings rapidly, one need look no further.

Thanks to all for ongoing support of the initiative. Success really goes far beyond Converseon and spotlights the power and potential of the entire social media industry. It’s the industry and those pioneering social media strategies that have the most to gain from each and every successful case study.