We just returned from the Innovation Insight Exchange Conference in Atlanta where there was broad discussion about the role of social in transforming market research and, consequently, how text analytics can play an important role of meeting the duel challenges of analyzing vast amounts of complex conversation with the precision of humans (and perhaps better).    There was much more sophisticated conversation (and awareness) than we’ve seen to date about the limitations of boolean queries and the need for high precision, recall, relevancy and custom classifiers in the data.  The times are definitely evolving beyond basic social monitoring.

We will be posting our presentation shortly.

The media must have been listening because today Tech Republic published a new article that features Converseon — and as a result our ConveyAPI technology from our text analytics subsidiary, Revealed Context.


Stay tuned for a significant announcement upcoming around a stealthy new application that will soon see the light of day that can put the power of this technology in your hands.