The following post refers to a Veterans Day screening coming up tomorrow, November 11 for Converseon client Smithsonian Channel.

To help mark Veterans Day the Smithsonian Channel is airing a special block of programming ‘America’s War Stories‘ – highlighted by a new documentary ‘Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25‘.

Jan Scruggs, the founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, calls the documentary ‘the best documentary film about the wall I’ve ever seen’. It will go to air on Direct TV at 8pm EST/PST Sunday November 11, but can also be watched online via a live streaming at the Smithsonian Channel website at 9pm EST / 6pm PST Sunday November 11.

I’ve seen the program and found it beautiful and moving. Here is a sample of the online conversation we have seen amongst bloggers we have shared the documentary with to help promote its launch:

From the superb milblog Mudville Gazette

This looks to be an excellent program you don’t want to miss.

We Will Never Forget!

A local DC blogger attended the launch screening on Thursday and wrote a beautiful post about how much the documentary moved them:

The documentary I saw yesterday was about the Vietnam Wall, and it was produced by the Smithsonian Channel on the occasion of the Wall’s 25th anniversary.

People come every year from far away to pay their respects, touch, kiss, make rubbings on, or just gaze at the impassive granite face. The Wall has become an altar of gratitude and brotherhood in a country that seems ambivalent about both. Twenty-five years later, a new generation is dealing with a polarizing war of their own, and seemingly forgetting the lessons of remembrance that places like the Wall have fought so hard to keep alive in everyone’s minds.

That Wall, that strange yet comforting shape rising to meet the heartsick pilgrim, is the true balm that was needed to mend a country even a little bit; to help ease those horrible wounds that still haunt many in their sleep; and the sanctuary in which to seek forgiveness for doing what was asked of them–even if it was against every fiber of their being.

The documentary is beautiful. I cannot do it justice, and I certainly cannot finish writing this with dry eyes.

I urge you to watch it if you can (again, the link for the Smithsonian Channel is here), and remember that the warrior just does as he or she is bid.

Murdoc Online

A preview of what looks to be an excellent program that runs this Veterans Day … if this is any indication, you’re going to want to watch it whatever Murdoc says…

A Soldiers Mind

If you have the opportunity, please take the time to watch, what I’m sure will be a very special documentary.

To get even closer to the show check out this podcast with the program’s producer Lynn Kessler, and view the promo here:

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