Converseon seeks a strong leader to head up our data management and linguistic annotation operations. This position is central to both our client deliverables and machine learning-based text analytics products. The role has a wide variety of responsibilities and includes the opportunity to have a significant impact on our products and processes. Your contributions to process innovations and efficiencies will be encouraged. We welcome you to share your knowledge and ideas freely as we work to achieve our shared goals.

Responsibilities, qualifications, and experience include some of all of the following:

  • Understand the role of natural language processing technologies and the life cycle of training, evaluating, and improving machine learning-based models for text analytics
  • Define, launch, and manage linguistic annotation campaigns based on client and product requirements, task specifics, and data quality assessment
  • Understand the nuances, subtleties, idioms, and ambiguity typically found in user-generated text content, including social media, survey responses, community and forum threads, and call center transcripts
  • Define linguistic annotation guidelines while monitoring annotation activity and data quality, revising and extending guidelines in response to changing circumstances
  • Manage virtual teams of linguistic annotators to ensure quality and consistency of annotated data to produce the best possible input for training machine learning models
  • Monitor annotation campaign resources, estimate costs, set and ensure timelines and prepare deliverables
  • Develop and deliver training materials to onboard annotators and to support continuing education and ongoing production of high-quality data
  • Be familiar and effective with modern, distributed productivity applications such as Google Apps, video conferencing tools, and distributed file sharing
  • Provide strong and effective communication in both verbal and written form
  • Have or be able to quickly gain proficiency with regular expressions, query languages, and basic scripting skills
  • Have a formal degree or appropriate experience in social media analysis and linguistics or computational linguistics, and related concepts and terminology

If interested please send a resume and cover letter to