New York, NY  March 11, 2016

Converseon, the leading social intelligence and strategy consultancy, today announced the release of its new version of Conversus, a machine-learning based social intelligence application, designed to provide sophisticated enrichment, filtering and analysis of social listening and other unstructured “voice of customer” data so that it can be utilized in more advanced use cases, including brand tracking, market mixed modeling, predictive analytics and market research purposes. The new release is being demoed at the Advertising Research Foundation “ReThink” Conference in New York (March 14-16).

Conversus “starts where traditional social listening platforms stop” by leveraging the award winning ConveyAPI ™ semantic engine, provided by Converseon’s technology arm, Revealed Context. ConveyAPI was named Dataweek’s Top Innovator in Social Data Mining for its ability to provide “human level precision at the speed and scale that only software can provide.” The technology utilizes multiple techniques, including machine learning, statistical analysis and select rules-based taxonomy to provide the industry’s most rigorous, flexible and precise social listening data. ConveyAPI leverages Converseon’s massive proprietary reservoir of large-scale human-coded training data generated over the last decade, leading to superior results.

Data generated by Conversus has been demonstrated in multiple third party peer reviewed studies to have predictive capabilities. The platform is currently being utilized at more than a dozen large global brands and growing.

“The Conversus application, powered by ConveyAPI, solves a key problem that has inhibited the use of social listening data by finally providing the data quality needed to be effectively leveraged and mainstreamed in organization,” says Rob Key, CEO of Converseon. “Perhaps most importantly it also can be used in conjunction with most other social listening platforms so that clients can finally maximize the value and use of those investments.” Conversus provides a “do-it-yourself” capability with the following features:

  • Near human-level precision of social listening data for large scale analysis
  • Capability to rapidly process millions of records efficiently
  • A range of core classifiers that include sentiment, emotion, intensity, confidence and more
  • The ability to rapidly create a nearly unlimited number of new custom classifiers including advocacy, purchase intent, customer journey, customer service, among others
  • The ability to adapt to specific brands and domains, including pharmaceutical, financial services, CPG, automotive, retail and more
  • A batch upload function to allow all human coded data generated by brands over time to be utilized to create new custom classifiers
  • An active learning module to train, refresh, manage and evolve classifiers without having to resort to ineffective “Boolean” query approaches.
  • Multiple language capabilities including English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.
  • Social data can be provided or customers can utilize their own

Positioned as the “missing link” in social intelligence analysis, Conversus custom classifiers are also being integrated directly into select social listening platforms and the application can be easily bundled with most other platforms.

About Converseon
For over a decade, Converseon has been a recognized leader in social listening, intelligence and consulting. Named “Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave Q1 2014 for Enterprise Social Listening with highest industry scores for its consulting/research, data processing and sentiment analysis, Converseon is now making its proprietary technologies available directly for client direct use. Revealed Context is an award winning pure play semantic and text analytics company spun out of Converseon that is helping to forge the next generation of social listening and intelligence.

For more information, please contact sales(at)converseon(dot)com