Whitepaper: “How Machine Learning is Transforming Social Listening & Intelligence.”

Let’s face it, human language is complex. Linguists are still unsure how children acquire syntax. Yet understanding human language: ideas, opinions, wants, needs, concerns, emotions and more is arguably more important than ever.

Never before have we had such powerful access to the unstructured, unvarnished voice of the customer. Yet never have we been challenged with having to separate the meaningful signals from the noise to get to that voice in a reliable way.

The good news is that there are new language technologies now available that can help. Words like “Natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, semantic analysis, artificial intelligence” are indeed rapidly becoming buzzwords of the day, but that should not obscure the powerful impact on these technologies are having on social listening and intelligence. Understanding these language technologies are increasingly important to everyone involved in social listening, consumer insights, analytics, business intelligence, customer care and more.

As a result, we’re pleased today to provide a free copy of a new Whitepaper: “How Machine Learning is Transforming Social Listening & Intelligence.” The paper demystifies the newest language technologies, provides a backdrop to the evolution of these techniques, and provides tactical guidance on how to best choose a solution that meets your organization’s needs.” In the paper you will learn:


– How to scale human intelligence for language analysis
– Understand not just topline sentiment, but key root cause drivers
– The role emotion plays in social discussion (and how to understand it)
– How human coding can lead you astray if not careful
– How to measure precision and why relevancy of the datasets matters a lot
– Why the days of boolean queries are coming to a fast conclusion
– Top questions to ask technology providers when evaluating these technologies.


For a free download, simply fill out the form and we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.


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