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The Challenge

Too Much Data,
Too Little Foresight

Hindsight is so yesterday. Today, brands need actionable foresight from data they trust to help them efficiently navigate through polarized, uncharted waters and understand the value of actions before they take them. Most CX, social listening & intelligence initiatives are too noisy and reactive to keep pace, requiring new innovative approaches that provide the “data that matters” for a world where even real time isn’t always fast enough.

PRWeek Feature: Data Intelligence on Another Level with Converseon

Excerpt: “A lack of data is not the problem for most communicators. Nor is access to it. The real challenge is collecting data that moves the business needle – and presenting it to the C-suite in a manner that leaves no question as to the overall value of PR to that brand.”

Decision Intelligence for the Social Age

Our powerful “decision intelligence” family of solutions are the first to fuse real time conversation and social data streams with sophisticated custom NLP classification, advanced analytics, and applied AI.

Converseon solutions provide unprecedented foresight, eliminate dangerous “blind spots,” and predict the business outcomes of your decisions before you make them. In short: a critical new predictive guidance system for the social age designed for…

  • brand reputation
  • customer experience
  • brand relevance
  • ESG efforts
  • and innovation

How We Do It

From Unstructured Noise to Research Grade Data

Our proprietary CMM (Consumer Memory Metric) distills volatile and irregular volumes of social conversation data into a powerful, statistically meaningful, time-sensitive scoring system on a -100 to +100 scale. The SFI condenses key signals and incorporates consumer memory to rigorously track brand performance over time clearly separating the meaningful signals that matter from the noise.


Converseon’s Success

Our Formula For Success

We solve not only the “what” the “how” the “what’s next?” but also the “what to do?” via business simulators to inform decisions that impact the most relevant business outcomes such as sales, customer loyalty, and shareholder value. Whether via API, dashboards, or partner solutions, we make adoption and solution use, simple and seamless.

Our Work in Action

Actionable accelerated intelligence guidance systems for a world where change is the only constant. Reduce operating costs and improve the ROI and impact of your current social, VoC, and CX efforts. Accelerate, save costs, and reduce complexity of NLP investments. With Converseon solutions brands can ensure brand relevancy, protect and grow reputation, and the following…

Inform ESG Efforts

Build Brand Trust

Increase Brand Loyalty

Improve CX

“The combination of Converseon’s custom NLP and predictive modeling has helped us accelerate, evolve and drive broader adoption of our social listening efforts. In addition to advancing our social listening capability, Converseon ML models have made our social listening data more trustworthy and relevant, allowing us to complete our research with confidence.” 

Ben Klein, Consumer Intelligence, Johnson & Johnson

Upcoming & On Demand Webinars

Monday January 3, 2022

Predictive Reputation Measurement: A New Approach for a Polarized World

In a polarized world where brands are consistently under scrutiny, it is now more imperative than ever for new approaches to measuring reputation, including predictive models.

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Tuesday April 19, 2022

Conversus.AI™ Overview Video

Conversus.AI, applied AI and autoNLP engine, enables users to build, customize, validate, and seamlessly deploy high performance NLP models directly or through a wide range of third party social listening, business intelligence and CX solutions. Learn more.

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Tuesday April 19, 2022

Predictive Reputation Intelligence Solution (PRISM™) Overview

SRIS™ is the first real time decision intelligence system for brand reputation. View our overview video for more today.

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