The Rise of Consumer Intelligence

Recognizing the need for greater data classification and the ability to transfer this data across multiple platforms, Converseon pivoted to focus on its core NLP technologies to help power other platforms and help brands make better use of this conversation data and classify data according to critical measurement frameworks.  Our focus become not providing social intelligence “in a box” but to help power language enabled systems of insight.

During this period it also introduced the industry’s first comprehensive library of prebuilt models, and launched Conversus.AI™, the industry’s leading “no code” NLP platform that allows even non-data scientists to build and deploy complex models seamlessly into a wide range of partner platforms. 

Conversus became a key solution to further the movement towards “ML democratization” and enabled brands to modify and adjust models specifically to their needs, frameworks, and definitions and expand data classification outside of general “one-size-fits-all” sentiment into other areas such as trust, advocacy, and more. This helped usher in a movement towards fully integrated data layers powered by APIs and point solutions powered by social data and NLP in areas such as reputation measurement, brand tracking, and more through measurement frameworks. This helped us usher the industry from social intelligence to customer intelligence.

“Converseon has a broad understanding of how effect change across marketing, customer service and sales departments… measure success and impact the key KPIs … and tie into more traditional CRM transformation approaches. … strength in B2B use of social media… gives Converseon an advantage over competitors in B2B.”

– Gartner

Awarded Forrester Groundswell Award

Named “Best Socialized Business” (with IBM) in Digiday’s SAMMY Awards

Recognized as Top Innovator for Social Data Mining by Forrester

Named “Best NLP Company” in the AI Breakthrough Awards

iCom Data Creativity Awards (Uber)