Converseon’s AI Quantitive Market Research Offering for Q4

Are you currently in the process of planning for 2024? 

We’d like to help! Here are the research offerings our clients are using to develop their Q4 deliverables and map out their 2024 planning.

Consumer and Category Segmentation

By using millions of data points we create robust and representative segments based on stated behaviors such as activities, food and drink preferences, values, and brand associations. This resulting segmentation is highly effective in identifying different target markets within a specific category or set of needs. 

What’s New? Differently from typical demographic or behavioral segmentations, we create segments that are not based on race or gender but rather defined by the link between behaviors, needs, and product benefits. 

Now what it enables is discovery! This approach allows brands to assess how their performance within each segment as well as driving attributes of this performance compares to those of their competitors.  It also enables the discovery of whitespace within segments, making it clear where the performance of brands is falling short in meeting consumer needs. 

Reputation and Sustainability Tracker

We have a rigorous Reputation Measurement Guidance System (PRISM™) that fully leverages the power of real-time streams of unstructured text data together with advanced machine learning and proprietary measurement frameworks to provide rapid, deep, and actionable intelligence about client reputation through the lens of key stakeholders and consumers. 

Data is processed through a proprietary scoring system, and our leading NLP provides actionable scoring enabling tracking and analysis. 

We leverage dozens of prebuilt machine learning classification models that align to a core measurement framework that includes “trust,” Customer Experience (CX), corporate responsibility (ESG), leadership, and emotional connections. Custom attributes can be added as needed.

We have also created frameworks around sustainability and innovation. Our system excels at providing clear and actionable guidance when reputation dynamic shifts, identifying both risks & opportunities. It also uncovers emergent, “below the radar” topics and their impact on overall Brand Reputation. We achieve the cost/benefits of specific actions by enabling simulation modeling.

Category Trends *NEW*

Trend vs. Fad: how can you know the difference?  Converseon has analyzed millions of data points to understand how people segment, how their needs differ, and how segments differ in fulfilling these needs. From the foundation of human-centric product innovation, we have developed an approach to decoding trends and fads. 

Our unique system scores each trend or fad in a multi-dimensional way mapping not only how volume and sentiment is changing over time, but also how demand is shifting as people choose different ways of fulfilling their needs.

Innovation Landscapes and Whitespace

The opportunities and risk matrix enables brands to spot new innovation opportunities, that are either emerging in a category or result from poor performance of market participants. Each segment (customer type by occasion) has the share and velocity (growth) shown to assist in sizing the opportunity. All brands within the cohort performance are evaluated and assessed to highlight their strong, satisfactory, and weak deliveries. We highlight cells with poor delivery making them easily detectable. If it’s the client’s brands that are underperforming in these areas, this turns into risk. 

Other available reporting options include:

  • Category Landscape Reporting
  • Media Campaign Performance and Tracking 
  • Shopper Insights/Journey 
  • Customer Satisfaction and Experience 
  • Ad Hoc Reporting

We also have a number of strategic engagements you can ask about – Get in touch to discuss any of these options or inquiries you have.

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