2022 Year-end Solutions to Level Up Your Brand’s Social Intelligence

With year end fast approaching and 2023 budgeting season present, we thought it would be helpful to share Converseon’s latest offerings and solutions for consideration as brand’s consider technology innovations.  We can provide additional details, demos and pricing. 

2022 has been a year of significant innovation for us, focused on transforming “conversation data” into decision intelligence, which combines predictive modeling with business simulators that enable brands to understand risks/benefits of specific actions before they are taken.  

Our current solutions include:

  • PRISM (Predictive Reputation Intelligence System): The first comprehensive reputation measurement system that ties social based metrics to business outcomes.  Includes ESG/sustainability measures, brand trust, customer experiences broken down by stakeholder voice.  It’s the essential navigation system for today’s polarized world and is able to clearly demonstrate communication/corp affairs and reputation management impact on the company bottom line (including sales and shareholder value).  Here’s a link to more detail.
  • Social Brand Relevance Tracker: One of the most exciting breakthroughs in our long history of innovation, Converseon’s Brand Relevance Tracker uses our unique top down (known important attributes) and bottom up (consumer driven unknown unknowns) approach to give you a 360 degree view of your brand, how it is fitting with today’s consumers as well as how it will fit with tomorrows so you can know what action to take!  This pioneering decision intelligence brand solution will enable you to monitor, strategize and react to the market like never before positioning your brand for the future and hence greater revenue share and customer loyalty. View our latest webinar on our Social Brand Relevance Tracker here.
  • Social ESG Index: A module available with or independently of PRISM, this solution scores stakeholder perceptions of brand ESG efforts, and ties those efforts to sales.  It’s an increasingly essential companion solution to more standard ESG measurement systems and, importantly, can help brands guard against greenwashing and related concerns. 
  • Social CX Tracker: Our Social CX Tracker uses our unique top down (known important attributes) and bottom up (consumer driven unknown unknowns) approach. We have taken the very best of theoretical literature on touch points, journeys, loyalty, resonance and combined it with the mining of 10s of millions of social media posts. The result is a robust and holistic CX framework which reliably measures what matters for creating and sustaining loyal customers. Broadly the CX framework measures the customer response EQ (emotional) and IQ (functional) of your and competitor offerings.
  • Inflation Analysis Report: Understand how inflation is affecting your consumer’s views of the price of your products and categories. With this report you are able to know which products have a value equation which is able to sustain the current pricing pressure, how you compare to peer brands and which are going to lose sales to competitors. 
  • Conversus: Our autoNLP platform continues to evolve with new key features and solutions.  If your analyst or data teams want to take more control of your data classification and move beyond just Boolean-based solutions, Conversus is for you.  The most powerful tool for building, validating and deploying machine learning models for unstructured social and related data analysis, Conversus also provides a growing number of prebuilt models that can be used seamlessly with many social listening and BI platforms to improve your analysis. 

We can provide additional custom solutions for social and media analysis to help transform this data from “reactive and descriptive” to “predictive and prescriptive.”

Connect with us today through a request demo or contact us page for more information.