Conversus.AI™ is the game changer in social listening that puts YOU in control of your data quality. This Machine Learning-as-a-Service Platform is designed for data scientists and general analysts alike to put the immense power of machine learning to work on your social and voice of customer data, allowing for immediate deployment into many leading social listening, management and business intelligence platforms. Choose your data source to build your own models quickly and efficiently or choose from a growing library of prebuilt machine learning models by industry. Measure performance and validate the performance of your model all while avoiding inadvertent bias. The results: increase precision and relevancy of your data by more than 80% in most cases, separate meaningful signals from the noise, clean up messy data, lower your costs of data wrangling and effectively apply the data to a wider range of your organization’s needs – including brand health, consumer insights, audience analysis, predictive analytics, customer experience, customer care and much more. Conversus.AI™ starts where most social listening and management platforms stop.

Prebuilt Machine Learning Classifiers

Whether you have robust Data Science/Insights and Analytics teams or you are resource-strapped, all companies have the same challenges with social listening data: it’s messy. A rules-based approach simply does not cut it. You can accelerate your speed-to-insights by applying our prebuilt machine-learning classifiers. Instead of a heavy investment in time and resources, reduce your costs with our library of custom models which are easily and immediately available for subscription and deployment, without the worry of inherent bias and unreliable results. Take a look at our Prebuilt Machine Learning Classifiers and schedule a demo.

Social Insights

Conversus.AI™ enriched data allows for the development of Predictive Analysis Models, which harness the power of our Machine-Learning AI to provide accurate estimates of future industry behavior and/or trends. Our models include:

  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • New Product Development
  • Campaign Analysis
  • New Market Analysis

Our team can support your company’s efforts in the development of your models, or we can lead the entire initiative, delivering the models along with robust insights reporting.

Advanced Classifier Development

Does your company have a specific need that our current Machine-Learning Classifier Library does not address? Our highly-experienced team can support your company with building advanced, specific models that allow you to understand and report on the objectives, attributes and/or issues that are critical to your business. These models include:

  • Brand Health Attributes
  • Crisis Management
  • Customer Journey Models/Analysis
  • Product Issues

Level Up Your Capabilities

Once you have this enriched data, how do you utilize it? Discover critical insights in a meaningful way by employing our highly experienced, award winning insights team to create robust reporting, intuitive templates and dashboards. Does your company need more experience or training in the social listening processes? We offer workshops and training’s that will transform your social insights from reactive and descriptive to predictive and prescriptive, including:

  • Social Listening Processes and Results Training
  • Data Visualization Workshop
  • Social Listening Reporting Workshop
  • Data Relevancy and Classifier Development

Don’t see what you need here? We can customize a workshop based on your business goals and objectives.

Machine Learning Library

To help accelerate use of machine learning classifiers, Converseon provides access to a prebuild library for immediate subscription, use and deployment.


  • Hospitality
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Aviation/Airlines
  • Insurance
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Retail
  • Food and Beverage

Classifiers Per Industry

  • Voice of Customer
  • Detraction
  • Trust/Distrust
  • Customer Care
  • Loyalty & Preference
  • CSR
  • Innovation
  • Advocacy

Need a special classifier that you don’t see here? Converseon can rapidly build highly-effective classifiers to meet your specific needs. These include brand attributes, customer experience, and adjusting models to meet your organization’s unique framework and taxonomies.