It all starts with capturing and understanding the voice of your customer through the world’s best social listening data combined with other first party digital data.

We Separate the Signals from the Noise…

Users of social listening data tend to agree on one thing:  the data is dirty, often inaccurate and difficult to work with.  And with good reason:  sarcasm, slang and the rapid evolution of language make it challenging to understand.

We solve that through advanced, award-winning semantic technology (provided through our sister company, Revealed Context).

It cleans and enriches social listening and voice of customer data so that it’s meaningful…and actionable.

This approach utilizes a combination of techniques, including machine learning (built on Converseon’s largest proprietary training dataset built out over a decade), to provide very high precision, relevancy and recall in the data, and allows for the custom classifier creation, which allows brands to fully leverage the value of social data for more sophisticated uses.

Along with its optional bundled “Conversus” application, brands can rapidly create their own custom classifiers too, that go far beyond what is available in traditional platforms, such as intent, emotion, advocacy, purchase journey, and more.

…And Connect the dots

We then integrate social data with other digital data sets (and even with customer data) to take the application of socially-driven digital data to the next level.   The vast unstructured conversation – powered with Convey API.

Together it’s fuel for the rocket, which you can either drive yourself or in combination with our service and consulting teams.

Key Features:

  • Near Human Level Precision
  • Document, Sentence, Entity Level Analysis
  • Basic Classifiers Include Sentiment, Emotion, Intensity
  • Advanced Classifiers Include Purchase Intent, Customer Journey, Advocacy and Much More
  • Vertical Specific Solution
  • Compatible with Most Basic Listening Platforms
  • Proven Predictive Qualities in Multiple Third Party Studies

Users of the technology include:

  • DMPs
  • Brand Trackers
  • Market Mixed Modelers
  • Research Firms
  • Agencies
  • Social Listening Applications
  • Voice of Customer Analysis, and More


The best data (with some smart humans) yields the best insights. Meaningful actionable analysis and intelligence helps transform your research / insights (yes, better, faster and cheaper does exist!) and can be infused into your marketing, sales, product and communication organizations.


You now have the industry’s best social data, separating signals from the noise to find actionable intelligence.

We are there to help. Converseon scored highest in the industry in the Forrester Wave Q2 2014, Enterprise Social Listening for our research / consulting (with a 5 out of 5 scores). Our deeply experienced team crosses over qualitative and quantitative, insights and analytics, combining the best of all worlds for meaningful analysis.

Revealed Context -

Check out our sister company

Revealed Context

Solutions Include:

  • Campaign Development and Measurement
  • Audience Analysis and Segmentation
  • Category Analysis
  • Influencer Identification
  • Analysis
  • Digital Ethnography
  • Brand Analysis
  • Reputation Analysis
  • Brand Tracking
  • Marketing Mixed Modeling


Working with your agency or our strategists, infuse this intelligence and take effective action to support your business goals.

Get Started…

Not sure where to start or wondering how you can better leverage all this rich data in your organization? Our consulting services can help. A Former Social Media Agency of the Year (Digiday), we take social-first, data driven approach to drive creativity, execution and impact.

We help align social data and insights into business KPIs, provide recommendations into the most optimal tools and solutions, and drive integration and adoption across the organization to make the most of the investment. This includes product development, social and digital marketing, search, customer service, risk management, DMPs and more.


For over a decade, our activation team has provided data driven solutions that leverage the social data for maximum impact.

Services include:

  • Social-First Digital Strategies/Campaigns
  • Employee Engagement and Advocacy
  • Search and Social Media Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Social Advertising
  • Community Management


Consulting Services

Consulting Services Include:

  • Social Assessments and Diagnostic
  • Social/Digital Measurement Frameworks
  • Center of Excellence Designs and Roll outs
  • Social Value Analysis

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