This post highlights some work Converseon has undertaken for American Ventures.

It can be difficult to involve C Level executives in social media, they’re time poor, they are still learning about the changes that are occurring and often they are uneasy about the uncontrolled nature of the blogosphere. At the same time the valuable knowledge and insight these individuals can share can really benefit their relevant niche community. While we look forward to the day when it is the norm for organizations to climb aboard the Cluetrain, at this early stage it is often best to help CEO’s dip their toes in the water as they become educated in the unique nature of social media.

CEOs blogging and podcasting are not new but it is more difficult to involve a CEO in social media in industries that might seem a bit atypical, like commercial real estate. In this case, we worked with Philip Blumberg, the CEO of Blumberg Capital Partners and American Ventures to help him launch the Philip Blumberg Five podcast expounding on the impact of current real estate challenges on commercial real estate development and other topics. The recording of the podcast was also filmed to share the information via YouTube to make the most of his contribution and help spread the information to interested parties.

This early effort with socially media provide an extension of his blog and hopefully the beginning of a deeper involvement with social media in future.