A New Generation of Decision Intelligence

Today Converseon is again leading the next phase of innovation for the industry. 

While in early years, brands faced a dearth of actionable data, today they are facing a deluge of  it — 2.5 quintillion bytes a day – much of it  unstructured. Not only do brands need assistance separating the signals from the noise, they also need help understanding which data they should be listening to, which data is going to improve their business when acted on, and what they can or must ignore as it is harmful.

As business leaders continue to struggle to run their businesses and departments optimally, clearly understand what their customers want, and the impact of their decisions in a polarized, value-driven, fluid world, the current solution of siloed social and CX platforms can only take organizations so far.  They have proven often to be too noisy and retrospective to be very useful in helping to inform “what’s next?”  And while conversation data has been revolutionizing in many ways,  without connecting it to true business outcomes, often the right action is simply lost in the noise.  

We recognized that what companies need today is not just more data but the right intelligence delivered at the right time to allow them to understand what the impact of their decisions will be before they make it.      

This is decision intelligence.

Decision Intelligence is founded on the idea that not all data is created equal and equally useful for the decision we want to make. It means, the problem we now want to solve is not, “do we have data?” but “how do we use this data and which data must be used?” . Now fully prepared for what is the most likely outcome, as well as having tested tactics for any moves competitors make, our clients can push ahead and with more certainty than before create optimally running businesses and investing where it makes the most sense.

Decision intelligence is not unique to Converseon but our application of it via conversation data is an industry first.  And our ability to deliver on its promise through our proprietary technologies, hundreds of prebuilt models by industry, well honed methodologies and more than decade of experience remains unique.

As a result, today we have made available the most comprehensive and powerful suite of “decision intelligence solutions” designed for the social age.  This ranges from our Conversus.AI middleware “no code” NLP platform that empowers our clients to build and deploy their own models as a precursor to decision intelligence; to a family of decision intelligence dashboards and data ranging from brand reputation to relevance to ESG to customer experience.  

We are delivering this intelligence across a broader array of platforms, through APIs, than ever before using a deeper and broader dataset encompassing the full spectrum of conversation data types and tie this intelligence to first party sales and even shareholder value 

We are providing the predictive intelligence that brands need, at the speed they need it, with the the necessary tools to help understand the impact of actions on that data in business outcomes. In the process, we provide the true, always-on, guidance systems needed to navigate through our increasingly complex world.