Linkfluence, a Meltwater Company, is a leader in AI-enabled consumer intelligence empowering global brands to derive actionable insights from social data and understand their consumer better and faster. With Linkfluence’s industry leading platform, you can measure and improve your brand equity, predict and analyze consumer trends, find and understand target audience tribes, measure campaign performance and prove ROI, and manage your reputation online. Linkfluence’s solution brings market research into the age of social-data, giving you the ability to get always-on insight into consumer behaviors and attitudes in real-time, instead of waiting weeks for research studies to be carried out. Linkfluence does this through a combination of AI and human expertise, applied to global data sources, to analyze online consumer discussions and trends. The team includes some of the best data scientists, machine learning specialists, and market research experts in the world. Linkfluence serves 500 clients worldwide across all industries, from global brands like LVMH, Nike, and Epic Games, to Danone, Pernod Ricard, and Toyota.