New Social Trust Index Measures CPG Brand Trust in a #FakeNews Era

Converseon releases the Social Trust Index (“SoTI”) for the CPG industry

May 15th, 2019, New York, NY – Converseon, a leading consumer intelligence technology and consulting firm that leverages human-centered machine learning to generate insights from unstructured social data today released the Social Trust Index (“SoTI”) for the CPG industry at the MediaPost CPG Event.  

The index is the first to measure and rank expressed trust and distrust towards specific CPG brands in social media using advanced, accurate machine learning technology.

“In this ‘post-trust’ environment of tribalism, polarization and socially-empowered movements, brand trust can be created or destroyed in minutes,” said Rob Key, CEO of Converseon.  “Today, there is a growing expectation for brands to not just sell specific products or services, but to become purpose-driven, with expectations to weigh in and take sides on important issues of the day. SoTI can now help brands better understand, measure and act on this data which is critical in a #fakenews era.”    


SoTI is  built upon our proprietary advanced machine learning analysis of human conversation in public social data and provides the most accurate, meaningful and actionable analysis available.   Using the Conversus.AI MLaaS platform, the data was accurately classified for trust and distrust even when specific keywords were not present.  The data was processed and annotated at the most granular “target” or aspect-level and included “intensity” scores to analyze the strength of opinion.  Finally the data was scored on leading and lagging scale utilizing Dynamic Dirichlet-Multinomial modeling. 

About Converseon

Since 2008, Converseon has pioneered the use of advanced machine learning to generate insights and value from unstructured social and related voice of customer data. The firm has been ranked an industry “leader” by leading industry analysts and was named Dataweek’s Top Innovator in Social Data Mining for providing technology that can analyze unstructured consumer text with “human level analysis at the speed and scale that only software can provide.” The firm provides Conversus.AI, the leading MLaaS platform that allows even non data scientists to rapidly build, validate, and deploy advanced modes for accelerated insights and impact and can be programmatically iintegrated with leading social listening, management and business intelligence platforms. Converseon works with a wide range of top brands around the world and will be releasing Social Trust Index data for additional industries on a rolling basis.

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