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Accelerating Social Listening and Intelligence Through Human-Centered Machine Learning:
Latest Useful News and Perspectives from Converseon.AI

Converseon and Uber Awarded I-COM Data Creativity Award for Global Brand Tracking via Advanced Social Analysis

How does a global brand moving at the speed of social track its brand with great sophistication globally but allow for regional nuance? On May 14th, at the Global I-COM Summit in Malaga, Spain, Uber, and Converseon were recognized for helping to redefine an effective “always on” brand tracking approach across 8 languages (including Hindi, Arabic, and Japanese) using advanced machine learning. Their approach serves as an example for other organizations looking to build a socially grounded brand analysis nerve center for deep insight and actionability. Along with Converseon and Uber, Brandwatch was also recognized as a “platform partner” as well. You can read more here

Converseon and Walmart Present on Measuring Brand Trust in Social Media

At the NYK Event in Chicago, Converseon and Walmart presented on how effective machine learning analysis of social data can help brands better understand #BrandTrust in the era of #FakeNews. The session reviewed key approaches for language analysis including how our new ML models can effectively classify trust related conversations even when the keywords are not present. Walmart discussed how they are using these models to measure and benchmark their brand trust against 18 brands across industries. The presentation deck can be viewed here.

Conversus.AI Released with New Features

Conversus, the leading auto MLaaS platform for social and voice of customer data, continues to roll out new features and integrations. The “no code required” platform, which is designed for data scientists and general analysts alike, puts the power of AI directly into users hands to rapidly build, validate and deploy sophisticated models across a broad range of ecosystem partners including leading social listening, management, and business intelligence platforms. Key new features include:

  • Now support in 12 languages with new additions of Hindi, Arabic, Thai, and Vietnamese
  • Access to additional pre-built industry models, including QSR, automotive. Library now consists of 15 industries
  • Enhanced model validation with K, F1, and AUC scores
  • Enhanced organic topic discovery for optimal model creation
  • Additional integration support with BI and social listening platforms

For additional information or a complimentary Conversus demo, please contact us directly at

Social Trust Index for Automotive and QSR Released

On April 30th we hosted a breakfast event with Shiv Singh, co-author of Savvy: Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders & Fake News in the Post-Trust Era, and Tonia Ries of Edelman on brand trust. The panel, moderated by Peter Himler, President of New York Publicity Club and Founder of Flatiron Communications, touched on a range of topics including the role brands should play in helping to better manage hostile speech on social platforms, the growing expectations for brands to play proactive roles in driving forward positive social change, and how consumers can better navigate this “post-trust world.” We have a few complimentary copies of Shiv’s book for those who email us requesting them (limited supply available). 

The breakfast provided the first glimpse of Converseon’s powerful new Social Trust Index (SoTI) which captures, analyzes and ranks the expressed trust towards brands in social media by industry. These models are also proving, in many cases, to be predictive of business outcomes and survey-based brand tracking results weeks in advance. This is a significant advance for social intelligence and brand tracking industries. The results for automotive and QSR have been released and available on a complimentary basis to interested brands. You can find more information on Automotive and QSR. If you are a QSR or automotive brand, we can provide a deeper dive into the data by contacting us at  

How to Avoid AI Bias

At the I-COM Summit, Converseon’s CEO presented on how to avoid AI bias when building language models as part of a panel with J&J and Telefonica. With the rising impact and pervasiveness of machine learning models, there are growing expectations for regulatory approaches that ensure alignment with emerging “ethical AI” standards such as transparency, fairness, accuracy, and explainability. Converseon helps build models through its Conversus platform to align with these standards and provide clear performance scoring. In the presentation, he provides 4 key tenets for building models correctly. His presentation can be seen here.

Looking to Up Your Social Intelligence?

Converseon provides the full range of machine learning and insights solutions to get more out of your social and voice of customer data, ranging from full turnkey solutions to DIY tools that put you in control of model development and provide the next generation of data quality, accuracy, and impact. These models are also made available in most leading social listening, management, and BI platforms programmatically for easy access and deployment. If you’re looking to up your social intelligence and expand it to other parts of the organizations such as consumer insights, customer experience, customer care and more, talk to us. We have a full library of pre-built models by industry ready for cost-effective and easy deployment to lower your costs, accelerate your insights and drive greater value from your social and related VoC data.

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