Forces of Change Report

Impacts of Covid-19 on Consumer Behavior

GreenBook has just released its new research report detailing the impact of Covid-19 on consumer behavior across five major industries. The Forces of Change highlights the rapid change in relationships between brands and consumers over the last few months and utilized Converseon’s machine learning/AI models to create measurement scores for Brand Purpose and the perceptions towards brands’ Covid-19 response.

This report leverages collaborative, multi-faceted research to provide comprehensive insight into understanding what lies ahead for the industries, brands, as well as consumers.

“The world is different today than yesterday – everything needs to be reevaluated,” says Converseon’s CEO Rob Key “Research-grade social data is critical for real-time reporting, sophisticated categorization, and predictive analytics.”

You can download the report by following the link here – and special thanks to Gregg Archibald and Mary Meehan as well as our friends at buzzbackBlueRidge.AIConsensus PointPanoramix Global, and Embee Mobile.

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