How to Apply Trusted AI to Your 2024 Initiatives

On Demand Webinar

Learn how Bayer Uses Converseon’s Trusted AI to apply to their Data Initiatives

Converseon hosted a webinar with Bayer on December 6th, as part of AMEC Measurement Month. Converseon’s VP of Solutions, Ben Sigerson, and Bayer’s Global Insights Associate Manager, Jacob Bohle, discuss how Bayer applies Converseon’s Trusted AI to their data initiatives. Trusted AI is not just about Generative AI but also about data classification models. Learn how Trusted AI helps our clients to improve their initiatives, using real-world examples.

In this webinar you will learn

  • How Bayer Gets Value from Converseon
  • What Is Trusted AI, its value for listening and insights, and Trusted AI checklist each user must consider
  • Tangible Benefits of Trusted AI for Bayer
  • Conversus AI Governance System and the Impact of Conversus AI Governance for Bayer
  • Conversus Platform Demo

Access the webinar by filling out the form to the right or click here to view the PDF version.