Reach New Levels of AI-Assisted Insights: A Deep Dive into Conversus 5.0™, the Leading No Code, NLP platform, with LLM and GPT Enhancements

Date: 08/01/2023

Time: 12:00 pm

Conversus™ allows users to rapidly, safely, and effectively harness powerful Large Language Model technologies for social listening, media monitoring, and other consumer intelligence tasks

Take a live deep dive into Converseon‘s latest release of Conversus™, its award-winning no-code NLP platform! This release represents a significant advance of the platform’s power to transform unstructured conversation data into research-grade predictive and prescriptive intelligence, with unprecedented potential to improve organizational decision-making in areas ranging from corporate reputation to innovation and customer experience.

Conversus 5.0 contains breakthrough capabilities for NLP and text analytics, including the integration of large language models (LLMs) and fine-tuned task-specific models built with GPT assistance, to classify social and related voice of the customer (“conversation”) data more accurately and effectively than ever before, to help transform consumer and market intelligence.  

As part of our live launch, the following Conversus™ features will be discussed:

  • How the addition of LLM (large language model) based text analysis tasks, including Content Class and User Attitudes to provide better content classification and actionability
  • A look at the all-new user experience design for technical and nontechnical users alike
  • A deep dive into our all-new, feature-rich, and robust query language, ConvQL™, that helps solve the pain points of boolean language limitations by providing greater sophistication and improved control for cleaner and more accurate, and efficient data management. 
  • A critical new capability for ongoing validation and tracking of model performance using periodic, contemporaneous samples of the client’s own data – ensuring sustained model effectiveness and safety through “human in the loop” oversight.
  • An enhanced topic modeling and discovery methods, providing a more robust bottom-up analysis.
  • A patent pending CMM™ (consumer memory metric) scoring algorithm to normalize text analytics-based metrics, identifying the truly meaningful changes in consumer mindset and reducing errors for use in predictive analytics
  • Expansion of high-performance prebuilt model packages for corporate reputation, customer experience, and sustainability.

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