Making the Complex Simple: How to Measure Brand Purpose with Unstructured Text

On Demand Webinar

Methodologies to effortlessly understand brand purpose

The current pandemic has placed the actions and inactions of organizations under a microscope. Consumers expect and want to spend their dollars with brands that take a stance and act for the greater social good. But how do you measure how a brand’s purpose is perceived?

In the past, traditional market research has been a valuable source for companies to understand consumer perception around their brand. These studies are both costly and take months to execute, with the findings arriving too late. And in this current climate, speed to insight (as well as budget) is critical.

Using real-time social conversation is a popular, budget-friendly and viable alternative, but measuring sentiment and volume is not enough. And there are so many metrics and ways to slice and dice the data. Ultimately you are dealing with an unstructured data source that can be intimidating, untrustworthy and hard to interpret.

Ben Sigerson, VP of Solutions at Converseon will present how machine learning/AI models can be combined with a scoring methodology to make this complex problem, simple. During the demonstration, Ben will show how Converseon’s clients are using this methodology to effortlessly understand how their brand purpose is performing against their industry peers and how recent actions have impacted their score.