How to Measure Brand Purpose at the Speed of Culture

On Demand Webinar

Brands seek to answer, “How are you making the world a better place?”

In a time of crisis, brand purpose has taken center stage. Value-driven consumers are demanding that brands get off the sidelines and answer the question: “How are you making the world a better place?”

The challenge: You can’t manage what you can’t measure and you can’t measure what you can’t define.

This session will provide an innovative approach that leverages social listening data to allow brands to better understand, benchmark, and align with key stakeholder initiatives. This session will help social listening professionals understand:

– The drivers and evolution of brand purpose.
– A comprehensive framework for measuring brand purpose and benchmarking performance.
– New techniques and technologies combining social listening data, AI-powered text analysis, and advanced analytics are enabling brands to clearly understand how key stakeholders are reacting to brand purpose efforts.
– How to measure brand purpose at the “speed of culture”.

View this on demand webinar filmed with Dr. Jillian Ney of the Social Intelligence Lab, Rob Key, CEO of Converseon, and Graham Wall from Converseon for more information on measuring brand purpose.