PRISM™(Predictive Reputation Intelligence Solution) Demo

On Demand Webinar

Turn Unstructured VoC Data into Predictive Brand Intelligence

Converseon’s Senior Strategist, Bradley Taylor, walks us through Conversus PRISM™ platform.

Unstructured data, which makes up 80% of all data created last year, has always had enormous potential for insights. But the challenges of cleaning and enriching this data for accuracy, separating signals from the noise and then transforming it into predictive intelligence you can trust and act on have been many.

Since 2008, Converseon has been working on solving this challenge through the application of AI powered NLP. The combination of this technology with new predictive and generative AI, together with econometric modeling, is now providing successful in transforming this rich data into innovative, powerful and predictive “decision intelligence.”

Watch the demo and learn about our tool’s capabilities.

Please find PRISM™ One Pager here and PowerPoint here.