Trends vs. Fads: How can you know the difference?

On Demand Webinar

Converseon’s Bradley Taylor explores Converseon’s unique approach to deciphering trends and fads at Greenbook’s Insights Tech Showcase.

In an era driven by technological advancements, distinguishing between Trends and Fads can be key to success or failure. As Bradley delves into the nuances of trends and fads you will learn how Converseon can enable you to make informed decisions with the help of our insights harnessing the power of trends and avoiding the pitfalls of fads.

Converseon has analyzed millions of data points to understand how people segment, how their needs differ, and how segments differ in fulfilling these needs. From this foundation, of human-centric product innovation, we have developed an approach to decoding trends and fads. Our unique system scores each trend or fad in a multidimensional way mapping not only how volume and sentiment are changing over time but also how demand is shifting as people choose different ways of fulfilling their needs.

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