One Pager: SOBRE™ (Social Brand Relevance Tracker)

The pioneering decision intelligence solution for measuring brand health is here – monitor, strategize and react to the market with a tool to help predict the success of your next business decision.

SOBRE™ is a subscription based SaaS solution that uses a unique top-down (known important attributes) and bottom-up (consumer-driven, unknown-unknowns) approach to give you a 360 degree view of your brand. We then anchor all these trends and preferences to longitudinal sales data and create a trend gap analysis to show how the categories brands (yours and major competitors) are fitting with today’s consumers as well as how it will fit with tomorrows. This enables a short-list (80/20) of what actions to take next to ensure you are relevant and stay relevant.

The one pager includes the following details:

  • Why it matters
  • Key benefits of SOBRE (trend tracking, predicting, and more)
  • The proof point
  • Pricing
  • More

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