Essential Approaches for Effective AI Application to Social Listening

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) may be a highly-hyped technology, but in the world of social listening and analytics, it is poised to become the most powerful innovation the industry has seen over the last decade.

In our “Essential Approaches for Effective AI Application to Social Listening: A Practical User’s Guide” we provide eight critical steps to take your social listening to the next level. You will learn the following in this whitepaper…

  • Review and clarify the key benefits of AI for social listening and analytics
  • Briefly discuss the history and evolution of technologies to arm you with more information on how to choose the right solution
  • Describe why taking control of your own data and models is becoming critically important
  • Discuss why “getting granular” matters
  • Help you understand the value of “prebuilt” machine learning models
  • Describe why model measurement is critical and the potential danger of using solutions that don’t provide clear performance scoring
  • Help you align models to business needs with examples of how this data can be used in predictive analytics
  • Show areas for potential growth including bridging with social with other voice-of-customer data

Download our white paper to learn more and walk away with a key action item list to help you effectively apply AI to your social listening strategies.