Reputation Intelligence

Predictive Reputation Intelligence Solution (PRISM™):

Brands today are facing a world more polarized than ever, with demands to weigh in on not just industry issues, but political and social issues as well. And they have been forced to do so with limited information on potential impacts, until now. PRISM™ is the first real time decision intelligence system for brand reputation. The system provides bottoms up and top down analysis on key drivers, risks and opportunities for reputation across multiple dimensions including ESG, CX, and more through our proprietary CMM score. With PRISM™, you can avoid blindspots, and simulate business actions to understand impact of key drivers on reputation and shareholder value. Discover emerging topics not yet on your radar and inform ongoing reputation management strategies while enhancing brand purpose.

“Converseon’s NLP and applied AI approach helps us stay on the cutting edge of social listening and help us transform the data into actionable intelligence in areas ranging from corporate reputation to customer loyalty. ”

Angela Berger, Walmart

Social ESG Index

Understand stakeholder (investors, media, customers, etc) perceptions of your ESG efforts, including sub topics such as diversity & inclusion and carbon offsets with clear proprietary CMM scoring to perform gap analysis, inform strategies, communications, social responsibility/brand purpose efforts, and enable benchmarking.

Social CX Metrics

Understand how you perform on satisfying your customers vs. your key competitors. In this competitive analysis you can also see which areas of service you lead the industry on, where you are performing to the average and which areas you need to improve. Once you decide on the actions you would like to test, run these through the CX Simulator and see how much market share you are able to gain.