Social Brand Relevance
System (SBRS):

Our groundbreaking brand relevance system, built entirely from the conversations of your and competitor customers, enables you to understand how well your brand (and product lines) fits with the category needs and benefits of the core and secondary target markets. Not only can you see your fit with the market today, but our trend projections enable you to understand how well you will fit with the category of the future. This enables you to adjust your product developments and messaging to ensure you are positioned for success now and in the future.

Social Brand Relevance

These metrics enable you to understand your position in the market. At a glance you can see how well your brand fits the category vs. your key competitors, how you rank on meeting customer needs, the strength of your product benefits and the value for money of your offering. Since these metrics are built over time, you can see how your various efforts (campaigns, product launches, etc.) have changed your position in the market vs. your competitors.


Our bottom up Category Opportunity and Risks Matrix Assessment enables you to understand the white space of your category, as well as, which segments (needs/benefits) are going to be viable in the future ( the best opportunities for growth) vs. those which are cool off and are a thing of the past (risky areas to invest in). This innovation matrix allows you to target the areas which best match your brand’s values and persona and are set to continue growing in the future whilst avoiding those which have a high probability of not paying off.