“Almost 1 in 4 US Adults Don’t Believe Brands’ Sustainability Claims.”  

Rigorous measurement of brand ESG measures are essential but often self reported. As a result, there is an increasing credibility gap between organization’s reported efforts in “environmental, governance and social” and stakeholder perceptions of these efforts, which can result in accusations of greenwashing, and more.  

Clearly understanding these stakeholder perceptions through the power of social data and advanced NLP is critical for organizations to understand perception gaps, whether their efforts are “trusted” or viewed as hype, inform ESG strategy and understand how perceptions of these efforts translate into consumer behavior and business outcomes.

Converseon’s panel webinar will include special guests who are experts in their field to discuss how their company is handling ESG measurement, obstacles they’ve experienced, advice, and so much more. Register today.


Date: October 11th, Tuesday

Time: 1:00 PM ET

Duration: 45 minutes